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As told by Buster and Maggie

Buster & Maggie

We wanted to introduce ourselves, we are Buster and Maggie and we are two very lucky cats.  We were rescued by our parents about 7 years ago and we just have to say what a lucky day that was for us! Our parents travel to shows and  while they are gone, we look after the house and make sure all is well. We are always happy when they return (we get lots of treats) and we get to hear all about all of their travels. They bring home photos and we are looking forward to serve as your hosts as we share some with you as we enjoy this journey together! 

Recently, they travelled to the Nashville Garden show. This is always like a fresh breath of air for them as it brings the hopes of Spring arrival a little closer. It has been a long hard winter this year with temperatures below zero for over 26 days!! They left on Tuesday morning and the weather was cold but sunny at home. They arrived in Nashville and the temperature was  in the 60's and it felt to them more like 80's. Set up started and by Wednesday it didn't take long for that cold front to come through and plunge the temps down into the 30's. Unseasonal for Nashville!

This year's theme for the show was "Wine and Roses".  The exhibits are just beautiful! 

Anyway,  we would like to share some of the photosfrom the show with you... Enjoy!


 Vintage umbrella and garden cart used in their velveteen rabbit display.


Burlap and canvas vintage graphic pillows!

A little of this and a little of that!

More Everyday

Beautiful garden setting!

A Living wall

Cool door with wine bottles that is back lit. Spectacular!

Wine bottle sculptures for the garden landscape!

Great outdoor fireplace!

Can we play out here?



We look forward to showing you their next adventure!

Meow!!   Meow!!


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