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Lime Green Pilea Plant

$ 18.00
Lime Green Pilea
. The pot is handcrafted in Germany and is 4" . 
The moss on the pot will vary as it all naturally developed in the greenhouse. 
Pilea plants should be grown in bright, indirect light, but never in full sun.
They will thrive under fluorescent 'grow lights'.

Always keep your Pilea  away from heating vents and out of drafts.
Pilea plants grow best in warm daytime temperatures of 75°-80° with 10 degrees cooler at night.
Pileas need about 50% humidity in order to thrive, so they should be kept on a tray filled with moistened pebbles or misted regularly

Keep the soil slightly moist while your Pilea is actively growing,
but allow the top inch of soil to dry between waterings when growth slows in the winter.
Feed monthly in the spring and summer using a half-strength solution
of a liquid house plant type

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PLEASE NOTE: The photo of the plant represents a similar plant that you will receive. Photos are a reference for what the plant could grow into with proper care.

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